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'Power of Silence Retreat'

October 2018

Xenia House Retreats

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Writers in Residence: an Author's Retreat

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October 12-14, 2018

November 23-25, 2018

February 22-24, 2019

March 22-24, 2019


When the noise of life threatened to drown me out.  I found myself at a crossroads, sad and feeling trapped and helpless.  I knew I needed solace and space to reflect, to find my way forward.  Xenia Silent Retreat provided that place for me, and at the exact right time in my life.  That first night I set the intention for peace. I came away from the Silent Retreat with more than peace. I came away with a voice connected to my deepest and highest good and a clarity for how to make that happen now and in the future.  A transformation that my husband and my daughter see… but most importantly, that I feel down to my bones.  Thank you for bringing this vision into the world Angelyn – it was a blessing for me and will be for others.



Xenia has a very special place in my heart.   I just completed a Dynamic Silent Retreat and I could not be happier with how my experience went.  Angelyn and Saria are both so passionate and inspiring and when you combine their energy with the energy of the beautiful land that Xenia is, you get something that can’t be described with words.  Whether you just need a weekend away from the noise of the city, or if you are in need of a soul-searching experience, this is the place to be.

Love Kristen Tofte


I was able to truly be present to myself and connect to the beauty of Xenia in ways that truly took me on an evolutionary shift in my awareness.  I felt more connected to nature, and through my time walking the labyrinth and to Angel’s Landing as well as Honeymoon Lake I could feel I was deepening my trust in myself and my connection to a higher counsel.  As I let go of my mental focus and free fell into the spiritual realm through trusting nature that I didn’t even know was possible, it has catapulted me into a new place.  So, thank you for being the catalyst.  You have created an amazing experience for people to come home to themselves, and what ripple effect that can generate… so a thousand thank you’s… from my heart to yours!

Renee Poindexter


It is becoming much more clear as to why I was there.  I truly feel safer, wrapped in the arms of love. We don’t always know why we are called to do certain things, but I was called to stay at Xenia Centre during a Silent Retreat.  Firstly, I was struck by Bowen Island itself; it is an incredibly beautiful place. The trees and nature will leave you in awe.  Once at Xenia, I felt like I had come home. I was immediately greeted with warmth and welcomed by Diane, Saria and the other guests.  I was nervous before I started, but Angelyn guided us through our silent journeys in a calm and safe space.  In the end, it wasn’t a struggle to be silent, but a welcoming quiet from the every day noise and an opportunity to awaken a little more toward the stillness of nature.  I left Xenia with a renewed love and energy for myself and others.  I recommend the silent retreat at Xenia for all seeking time for reflection and I plan on returning soon.


Xenia-Hosted Retreats

These events are hosted by Xenia and run by outside individuals and parties. We have many skilled people that come through Xenia to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom. Below are upcoming programs and retreats.

Power and Presence

The Alchemy of Unveiling your Essence

with Nancy Shipley Rubin

5-day Residential retreat on Bowen Island at the Xenia Center.

November 2nd – 7th 2018

There are great powers available when we know how to tap into them. In this retreat, we will learn how to tap into our power in a way that fuels our presence.

Our essence is often kept hidden through protective, perceptual filters through which we view the world.  We call them Protector Guardians.

There are four faces of the Guardian protectors.  They personify by taking over your perception. When you are under the influence, the world is defined through these energy archetypes.  We named them the Blamer, the Self-Imploder, the Protector-Defender, and the Resenter. Although they originate from the same source, each one holds a distinct energy profile and presents a different perception of the world. While the Guardians have different personas, each persona accomplishes the same goal: they protect one’s Essence.

Keeping our Essence invisible, even hidden from our own self at times, is the Guardians’ function. When you are under their influence, you may not even believe you have an Essence. Like a veil, the overlay covers the authentic self with a reactive stance that is constant, stable and consistent. After a while we may believe that this persona is all there is.  Think of a Guardian as your perception window, the glasses you are wearing to see the world.

Once you recognize yourself in a Guardian stance, it becomes obvious when you are framing your world from that influence. The Guardians’ strategies and consistent behaviors will become simple to spot, even as situations and stories shift. In the beginning, it is easier to see the pattern in others than to identify it in yourself. It takes time to develop your awareness of what is running your consciousness.

When we are able to see beyond the Guardian influence, we begin to acknowledge the hurts and unmet needs that caused these protections to rise in the first place. Only by addressing these unmet needs, and the hopelessness that surrounds any traumas, can we start to access our spiritual resources. Then the power that fuels the Guardians moves from providing safety, into offering that energy instead to heal and transform our needs. With our needs met, we are able to make better decisions, and access our wisdom mind.

Working with the Guardians is an evolutionary process, giving us the strength and clarity to fuel our Presence. Our Presence is energized in the same way our Guardians were. It is the same power, evolving through time, becoming a force of liberation.

Location: Xenia Retreat Centre, 782 Smith Road, Bowen Island, BC V0N1G2
Date: November 2nd - November 7th 2018
Cost: $1,250 before October 1st and $1,450 after. This includes program, all meals and shared accommodation.

BOOK NOW as space is limited.
Call our office: 604.947.9816 or

Nancy & Errol Rubin

A gifted psychic and counselor, Nancy provides clear, direct guidance and teaching. Her work evolved from over thirty years of psychic practice, formal studies in psychology and contemplative studies. Nancy leads us through the next steps of evolution. The information is presented in a grounded format with real life examples. Nancy encourages each person to access their own inner guidance and recognize their unique gifts. Presenting principles of empowerment in a kind and humorous manner, Nancy reveals the depth of who we are. As business manager and producer, Errol brings organizational strength and is an active component of the work. He creates a place of safety, support and empowerment.

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Nancy’s work has been hugely transformational for me. It is down to earth practical and you can walk out of the retreat and use it in your life right away. Since 2014 her work has led me to a much deeper understanding of myself and those around me.

I can’t imagine my Life without the insights I have gained through these teachings. They are truly fundamental to all my interactions. I sincerely wish for everybody to experience her work which is presented in a wonderfully compassionate, humorous and totally authentic manner.

F. Alexander  Brumm

I was beyond impressed when I attended Nancy’s retreat in Arizona earlier this year.  So much so, I asked her (begged her), to come to Xenia to offer this program. I wanted as many people as possible to experience for themselves, the kind of raw, practical yet significant changes I experiened during the retreat. I was astrounded to discover how the Guardians work and how important it is for us all to know them well.  With this awareness we know what to do when our essence is obscured behind a cloud.

Angelyn Toth – Author and Founder of Xenia Retreat Centre.


Volunteers are a key part of the existence and continuing presence of Xenia.  People have come from all around the world to be at the grounds while offering their services, their skills and their hearts.  Often they leave us with tears and big hugs, having enjoyed the opportunity to be part of something that feeds everyone's souls.  Since the beginning of time we have been born with a desire and a need to be part of something larger than our individual selves.  It is ingrained in our genes to want to contribute something and to see the results of our efforts and most importantly to enjoy the relationships that arise from this opportunity.


Ways to Volunteer at Xenia



Through the organization WWOOF you can sign up to offer your many different services.  We will provide food and lodging.

Please visit their site for details:

If you have questions, contact us here.



Since the beginning of Xenia we have had countless volunteers dedicate their time, energy and passion to helping the retreat center become what it is today.  You may be looking to contribute to something meaningful in your life or maybe you just like the idea of helping out and making some new friends in a beautiful place.  Your presence is always appreciated.

To arrange a volunteer visit contact us here.



There are various little things that we can use around the grounds and in our spaces here.  Often times wear and tear and frequent usage from our guests create a need to replace things sooner than later.

For our current wish list please contact us here.

We particularly enjoy help with the following things:

Helping in the garden, miscellaneous yard work, renovations, building maintenance, cleaning and more...


Things to enjoy while you stay

The Lakes, Forests and Trails


Our Cozy Cottages

Exploring Bowen Island


The animals are always happy to keep you company


The opportunity to just be yourself and enjoy the simple most beautiful things in life.