- Volunteers - 



Volunteers are a key part of the existence and continuing presence of Xenia.  People have come from all around the world to be at the grounds while offering their services, their skills and their hearts.  Often they leave us with tears and big hugs, having enjoyed the opportunity to be part of something that feeds everyone's souls.  Since the beginning of time we have been born with a desire and a need to be part of something larger than our individual selves.  It is ingrained in our genes to want to contribute something and to see the results of our efforts and most importantly to enjoy the relationships that arise from this opportunity.



Ways to Volunteer at Xenia



Through the organization WWOOF you can sign up to offer your many different services.  We will provide food and lodging.

Please visit their site for details:  http://www.wwoof.ca

If you have questions, contact us here.



Since the beginning of Xenia we have had countless volunteers dedicate their time, energy and passion to helping the retreat center become what it is today.  You may be looking to contribute to something meaningful in your life or maybe you just like the idea of helping out and making some new friends in a beautiful place.  Your presence is always appreciated. 

To arrange a volunteer visit contact us here.



There are various little things that we can use around the grounds and in our spaces here.  Often times wear and tear and frequent usage from our guests create a need to replace things sooner than later.

For our current wish list please contact us here.



We particularly enjoy help with the following things:

 Helping in the garden, miscellaneous yard work, renovations, building maintenance, cleaning and more...



Things to enjoy while you stay:

The Lakes, Forests and Trails

Our cozy cottages

Exploring Bowen Island

The animals are always happy to keep you company

The opportunity to just be yourself and enjoy the simple most beautiful things in life.


 For any questions or to make an arrangement, contact us here.