I had a great aha moment during a guided meditation recently.

 After a wonderful surrender into the body and beyond, we were directed to visualize a beautiful meadow. Our guide prompted us, “Remember, it is possible to create anything with your imagination. You can fly, swim or do anything you want."  She continued, “Now take some time to play and have fun in this meadow."

Suddenly, I was standing atop one of our fields, looking at a beautiful sunny scene below. I noticed the barn reflecting light from its gorgeous teal metal roof.  The donkey and miniature horse were happily grazing, and the two horses were in the fields beyond the barn. I swooped down (with my imaginary wings ) and picked up the donkey and carried him in my arms like a baby.  Next, I placed him outside his pen in a lovely grassy area. I played for a while rearranging pens and fences and my heart burst open with joy. It was a beautiful meditation and I was inspired for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon I reflected on my childhood where I would spend hours in the toy shop with my pocket money, painstakingly choosing which tiny winy farm animal I was going to buy that day.  For years I had collected a farm with horses, sheep, haystacks, fences, goats, pigs and even a little dog. I would play for hours moving the animals around, acting out various scenarios. It was my pride and joy and a precious gift I passed on to my daughter when she was old enough.

Next, I thought about my beautiful 38-acre retreat centre, Xenia, which was a bit like a hobby farm. We have ponies, a donkey, a pig, horses, barns, fences, trees, rivers and many of the things I visualized as a child.

WOW....I am living this childhood dream.

My farm.... had manifested from this hobby and dream as a child, and I hadn’t quite seen the impact of this and the manifestation until now, in this beautiful meditation. I didn’t deliberately or consciously set about to create a farm. In fact, growing up in England as a working-class member, the idea of actually owning anything would not have entered my head. Just like going to university wasn’t in my vocabulary, but somehow a roadmap was set in place and my soul was following it.

I love how my work with Honour Your Calling was seeded a long time ago and everyday another piece of understanding sinks in.

What clues do you have from your childhood about your soul journey? You will likely find it from the fun and joy you experienced as a child.  Sometimes we find the clues through the opposite; like what you hated and were opposed to as a child.

My next book: When A Vision Has You – The Story of Xenia will be released this summer (2019) to commemorate our 25th Anniversary.

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